Welcome to our Website!

Welcome to our Website

For over 40 years, our experts have been working extensively with autographs on photos, certificates, documents and other papers or manuscripts dealing with German military and contemporary history from 1800 to today. We are serve as autograph authentication experts
for the signatures of Knight‘s Cross recipients.

Over the past decades, forged signatures, which are even offered by auctioneers and on the Internet, have been on the rise. We offer our specialist knowledge and draw up expert opinion reports for your protection. Let us demonstrate our authentication competence and the quality of our collection for you.

If you have interesting collector’s pieces, estate items, photos of knight‘ Cross holders or pour-le-merite photos, honor goblets of luftwaffe, Knight‘s Cross holder estates or entire collections that you would like to sell, we would be delighted if you contact us.

Thank you for your interest.

NEW: Update - 20. Mai 2018 

- knights cross winner autographs for example General Balck, General Gause and other

- pour le merite aces and generals signed photos for example Admiral Scheer 

Pour le merite aces jasta - luftwaffe: the red baron signed  Manfred von Richthofen  photo (from the famous Heilemann Collection) 

Updates for our photos, autographs and other rare military items are set at irregular intervals. 

We are happy to provide our expertises for your collectibles. Even if you are interested in autographs at auction houses, internet or other dealers, we can help you with our professional and knowledgeable expertise or internet expertise. So we could before some collectors keep together in a very well known German auction house  or in the internet- to buy fakes. This obvious forgeries were then auctioned in the auction house for several thousand euros.

For our  private collectors we are searching complete knights cross winner estates and also signed knights cross winner photos. If you have anything for sale please contact us: info@germautographs.de